Intramural begins Saturday 9/19!

Intramural begins Saturday 9/19!

Intramural begins Saturday 9/19!

Intramural begins on Saturday, September 19!  


If you are coaching- you must complete all the documents on the EPSYA website and upload them to your gotsport account.

Click here to view the Mandatory Coaching Documents

Coaches Registration

Return to play - games- Intramural

The Fall Soccer Season is here!  At the forefront of our thoughts is the safety of all individuals participating (players, coaches, and officials) as well as the enthusiastic spectators that support our HSC teams.  


Due to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will make some necessary changes to the Fall 2020 season to make it a safe and successful Fall season.  


Anyone feeling unwell or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should not attend and stay home. Think safety first!  


• Coaches must wear masks when on the sideline for the whole game.


• Coaches should maintain social distance (six feet) from the touchline to avoid contact with players or game officials.  


• Players on the field and game officials during the game are not required to wear masks.


• Players on the sideline must wear masks and keep a social distance of 6 feet.


• Players cannot share water bottles and they should bring their own ball for the warm-up.  


• Only 2 coaches are permitted on the touchline per team.  


• Teams will be on one side of the field, and spectators should be on the opposite side of the field in the same half as their team’s coaches.


• Players and coaches are to use hand sanitizer frequently.


• Post-game there are no handshakes, and each team can clap / applaud or cheer for the other team from their half of the field.  


• Players’ bags and equipment are not to be piled into one small area (social distancing courtesy) but should be distributed at least 6 feet away from each other.


• Teams should not use team benches or tents for players on the sideline.




Anyone feeling unwell or exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms should not attend and stay home. Think safety first!  


• Spectators are required to wear a face mask at all times!


• One spectator preferred per player / 2 maximum recommended  


• Spectators are required to stay on the opposite side of the field to players - across from their team’s coaches.


• Spectators should maintain six feet of distance from others  


• Everyone is encouraged to bring their own personal hand sanitizer  





Intramural Soccer at HSC

The intramural soccer program at HSC great way to introduce first-time players to the game. There is no previous playing experience required. Parents register their children. Children are put onto a team. Teams have a guaranteed number of games. Older age groups have playoffs.

HSC Intramural program starts at preschool and it goes through high school.

Players are assigned teams based on their school grades.

While we will do everything reasonably possible to accommodate new and returning Intramural players who register on time, we cannot guarantee that a spot on a desired team will be available. We will not expand rosters to accomadate late registrants.

First time players:

All soccer players, whether in a game or during practice, are required to be wearing shin guards or they may not participate. There can be no exceptions to this.

Soccer players of all ages generally wear cleats, dark shorts. They will be provided a uniform shirt and socks by the Club. Socks should always be worn over the shin guards.

For younger players starting out, sneakers are acceptable but there are inexpensive cleats out there. As they get older, cleats are the way to go.

The ball sizes are:
U4 through U8 - size 3
U9 through U12 - size 4
U13 through U18 - size 5

Our games will normally be on a Haverford School District or a Haverford Township field.

Welcome to the Club!