Winter Intramural Soccer (Futsal)

Futsal is HSC’s Winter (indoor) Soccer Program. It’s high scoring, action packed and tons of fun!!  We’re happy to announce that the 2019 season will be kicking off in mid- January and will end mid- March.  More information on the specific dates will come over the next couple of months. 

Whether your child is new to soccer or a seasoned veteran, Futsal is a great opportunity to enjoy the game of soccer on a smaller field (court) with more scoring and less players. Depending on age, we have boys, girls and coed teams.  Typically we have the fol age groups participating and leagues are divided by school grade.

Click here to see the 2019 Winter Futsal Schedule



Special Note Regarding Evaluations and Formation of Teams:

  • This year we have decided to remove the evaluation process from Futsal. Instead we will use the first weekend as a practice session and “meet and greet” for the players/coaches.
  • Futsal teams are assembled using a DRAFT process.  We understand that parents have requests for their children to play with friends, etc, and although parent requests are considered during the draft, coaches are not required to adhere to parent requests (unless dealing with siblings). Therefore, we cannot guarantee that parent requests will be granted. One of our main goals with the Futsal program is to have parity throughout the leagues. The only way to ensure this is possible, is by using a draft process.

Leagues fill up quickly so don’t hesitate. Please consider volunteering to either coach or help with goal set up. We can’t do it without all the support from our awesome volunteers!!! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Anthony Device, HSC's Futsal Commissioner, directly.