Travel Players Registration is open *Players asked to be on a team Fall/ Spring 2020/2021 Season*

Travel Players Registration is open *Players asked to be on a team Fall/ Spring 2020/2021 Season*

Travel Teams Update from HSC Board Members

Travel Families- please read our HSC Guidelines as of 6.17.2020 *updated Green Phase III as of July 27. Click here to view EPYSA Guidelines.

Return to Play Guidelines for Haverford SC

· All players must check their temperature before training and be in good health before attending. If anyone is not feeling well, they MUST stay at home.

· If anyone returns home from practice and feels unwell they MUST inform the coach and Haverford SC Travel Administration.

· Players are required to wear a mask to and from the practice. (They do not have to play in a mask!)

· Players should not carpool.

· Parents are to drop their child off, make sure they have registered with the coach and then leave the area. Parents are asked not to stay and watch the practices. NB – 1st Preston session may include a parents meeting!

· Players must not touch any of the equipment (cones, goals, other players balls).

· Players should bring and leave with their own Soccer Ball.

· Players should not chew gum or spit at practice.

· All players must socially distance at all times when playing or resting, and they must stay at least 6 feet apart.

· Players should bring their own hand sanitizer and use it during breaks. (Haverford SC / Coaches will provide supplemental hand sanitizer)

· Players must bring their own Water Bottle / Snack for the duration of the practice, and only use their own equipment.

· Players bags and belongings must have their names on them and be kept apart at all times.

· All players need to stay in their group with their coach in their designated area of the field. Players may not mix with any other groups on the field.

All sessions will be structured as social distance sessions and follow the following guidelines for the practices.

· There will be no contact and no Scrimmages.

· There will be no Games involving Goal Keepers or players using their hands eg. Throw-ins.