Grade 8 v Grade 9 Referees

What Are Grade 8 or Grade 9 Referees?

When talking about Grade 8 or 9 referees, you are refering to the referee level, not a school grade.  Grade 9 referees are entry level referees. They are permitted to be center and assistant referees for Intramural games and they are permitted to only be assistant referees for Travel games up to U-14.  Grade 8 referees can Center Referee or Assistant Referee for all Intramural and Travel games.  Refree Assignors though will generally only let them officiate in games where they are at least two years older than the players.  With adult referees it is experience and comfort level that determines the age level game they can do.

Anyone taking our Referee Classes that referees at least 10 games (for which they also get paid) for Haverford Soccer Club, will be reimbursed the class registration fee.

Contact for Referee Classes
Anyone that has questions about taking the Grade 8 (not school grade) class, should contact George Newnham at

To find out about other area Referee Classes, go to the website.  It lists all currently available classes as well as other referee information.