Phase III- Green Safe to Play- week of July 27

HSC Families, 

Thank you to our families that have participated in our past weeks’ social distanced practices. Our county is in the Green phase and as the weeks move on, we follow the stages of Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association (EPYSA) as a guide for our club, teams and coaches to follow. Click here for updated EPSYA information


We understand many are still unsure if it is safe to play.  Listed below are the precautions we are doing as a club.  If your family decides you do not want to participate in our practices or programs, that is understandable and please let your coach know.

Governor Wolf recently published a list of states where people need to self-quarantine for 14 days if you have been in one of those states in the last week. Please have your child NOT attend training.  Please CLICK HERE for more information on these travel restrictions.  



·         Players are not to share water bottles

·         Carpooling should be avoided

·         Bring your own soccer ball

·         Players’ bags are not to be piled into one small area (social distancing courtesy) but should be distributed at least 6 feet away from each other.

·         Parents are to remain AWAY from the field.  Please wear a mask if you are at the field. We cannot force you to wear a mask even though our Governor has required it, but it is a courtesy to everyone.

·         Coaches will be wearing masks during practice and no more than 25 players should be on a field at a time (including coaches)


The Haverford Soccer Club has moved into Green Phase 3. We have not had any significant outbreaks in the past 2-3 week.  This Green Phase 3  allows coaches to follow  the EPYSA guidelines and stress the additional instructions below. 

What that means in addition to the last weeks’ phases- guidelines are as follows;

  • Typical pre-season activity may occur

  • Scrimmages, friendlies etc., may be played with clubs from any Green county.

  • Local protocols and procedures should be shared with any visiting team.

  • Play Days with multiple teams/clubs not recommended, but if held responsibly, must be within the limits of public gathering size.

  • Strongly recommended to stay local.

  • Limiting travel is still recommended.

  • No inter-state travel permitted. Must stay within Pennsylvania.

 Teams and coaches that want to stay in Green Phase 1 or 2 and continue non-contact skills / fitness practices only may do so!

 If you have questions about the ever-evolving safety precautions that we are mandating, please feel free to email We are following, to the best of our abilities, the directions of Governor Wolf, Delaware County and EPYSA.


HSC Board