Code of Conduct Amendment

Violations to Codes

Amend Coaches Code of Conduct, Parent’s Code of Conduct and Players Code of conduct to include the following statements (wording at the board’s discretion).   (approved by board 7/20/2012)

a.       Violation of the Coaches, Parents or Players codes of conduct will result in the following sanctions.  These sanctions are cumulative for individuals who play multiple roles in the club.

                                                               i.      1st offense is a 1 week suspension from role during which which the offense occurred.  In the case of a parent or player, this would mean they may not attend an HSC soccer event for 1 week.  A coach would do the same.  This includes practices and games for the full 1 week.

                                                             ii.      2nd offense is a 2 week suspension from service in the role during which which the offense occurred.  In the case of a parent or player, this would mean they could not attend a practice or game for 2 weeks.

                                                            iii.      3rd offense results in removal as a coach, from the club, depending on what role the individuals was playing when the offense occurred.  A parent or player would be removed from the club for 1 calendar year from the date of the offense.  Membership to the club would only be granted upon board approval after 1 calendar year.

b.      Definition of a violation of the Coaches, Players or Parents Code of conduct is to be defined as such and should be stated so they apply to anybody having any association with the club including coach, parent, spectator, board official or volunteer:

                                                               i.      Physical altercations where an individual is struck or otherwise caused pain.

                                                             ii.      Use of negative criticism/comments directed towards players, Other Coaches, Game officials and Club officials.

                                                            iii.      Use of foul language at a game.

                                                           iv.      Permit Violations – not yielding to a permit holder when the individual or club does not currently hold a permit for the field or facility where the incident took place.

1.       Only the Facilities coordinator may determine the validity of any permit held by the hsc or another organization.  All conflicts at a field or facility pertaining to permit validity must be voiced by phone or in person to the HSC Facilities Coordinator.  Use of text or e-mail is not considered a valid form of communication.  In the absence of the Facilities coordinator, the President must be contacted.  In the absence of the President, the VP of Administration must be contacted.  If all 3 individuals are not available, a friendly compromise must be reached on location.

                                                             v.      The Protest and Appeals process may be utilized to determine the validity of the violations.