2nd Grade Festival Rules

Welsh Cup – 2nd Grade Festival Rules


Playing Rules

Regular FIFA rules will be played apart from the following modifications

  • Rule I – Fields will be 50 yards x 30 yards

  • Rule II – Balls will be size 3

  • Rule III – Teams will play 6 v 6 (5 outfield players + 1 goalkeeper) and have a maximum roster

  • size of 10 players

  • Rule IV – Offside – There will be no offside (teams are asked not to have players hanging out in

    front of the other teams goal)
  • Rule V – Duration – Games will be 2 halves of 20 minutes

  • Rule VI – Kick off – Opposing teams must be outside the center circle (5 yards)

  • Rule VI – Free kicks – Normal direct and indirect free kicks – Opposing team must retreat 5 yards

  • Rule VII – Penalty kicks – They are to be taken from the marked spot or at a point at the discretion of the referee

  • Rule XIII – Throw-ins – Referees are asked to show leniency and instruct when incorrect technique is evident

  • Rule XIII – Goal kick – Can be taken anywhere within the goalkeepers area – breakout line for the opposition team is the half way line – all opponents must retreat to their own half until the kick is taken

  • Rule XIV – Goalkeepers may not punt the ball over the half way line – if they do an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposition at the point it crosses the half way line. It is recommended that goalkeepers throw or kick the ball out from off the ground.

  • Rule XV – Substitutions are to be made at the half way line on any team’s goal kicks or throwins

  • Rule XVI – Pass Back - Goalkeepers are not allowed to pick up a ball played back to them, but referees are asked to show leniency and instruct players of the rules when this occurs